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Welcome to VisuShip!

The system for visualizing and monitoring your ship's data!

We, as boat owners, have developed a software which makes us sleep well since the end of the year 2016. Have a look at the schematic representation of our system and find out what VisuShip is and what it can do.

VisuShip 2 Overview

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Why did Visuship arise?


For more than 10 years we have been boat owners. We own a powerboat as a second home and retreat and like to travel around the world. In recent years, we have been confronted with events that have inspired us to think. Among them were various water dips, which were always discovered too late. The reasons for this were quite different. Mostly it was a concatenation of events. Just like the classics - a small leakage at the shaft passages, the water collectors or in the exhaust line, paired with empty batteries, because no power cable was plugged in. In one case, the entire marina docks were powerless, as the RCD triggered. However, no one is aware of this. Thus, no bilge pumps could work and the boat floods. As the port master remarked that the boat was lower in the water, it was already late and the interior flooded and furniture and engine under water. Even if these situations do not occur, the batteries are usually discharged in the case of a batch of charge for long periods. A new set of batteries is always due when you need it least. The change mostly has to be done when you want to go on holiday or just do not have time for it.
Another important aspect is that the boat owners usually do not live just around the corner, usually several hundred miles away and do not even know what happens at the marina or on board. There is always some uncertainty that we would like to interrupt with our software VisuShip. VisuShip was born at the end of 2016 and developed by ourselves. We thoroughly tested VisuShip on our own boats and now want a quiet conscience. By VisuShip you can monitor your boat on board or remotely via a smartphone, tablet or PC. We have developed various packages that can be extended by our VS-cloudservice. Have look around! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate and contact us!

What is VisuShip?

VisuShip - combines the words visualization and ship. No matter if motorboat or sailboat, our philosophy is to give you a calm feeling. Monitor all the ship data that are relevant for you, such as shore power, DC power, tank monitoring, NMEA data or even temperatures can easily and clearly displayed on board or anywhere in the world. Today's modern technology gives us many ideas. It is easier to network all relevant on-board systems. Depending on the purchased VisuShip package and the booked VS-cloudservice, it is possible for you to monitor your ship's data via your smartphone, tablet or PC. We as boat owners know exactly what it is like not knowing what is happening on board and making it to our task to change that. VisuShip is available in 3 packages - Basic, PRO and Custom.

VisuShip Basic

VisuShip Basic includes the VisuShip controller and the IO-Box including an LTE mobile antenna (SIM with date tariff required). The VisuShip controller can manage a maximum of 12 switching inputs, 4 voltage inputs, 8 temperatures and 8 outputs. (expandable) Our IO-Box sends a status report by e-mail once a day.
You will be notified immediately when events occur at the monitored inputs. The IO-box also provides WIFI! Only a SIM card with data plan is required.
VisuShip-Basic is expandable to VisuShip-PRO at any time.
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    VisuShip PRO 

    VisuShip PRO beinhaltet die VisuShip Basic Hardware. Um VisuShip-Basic zu VisuShip PRO zu erweitern, ist es notwendig, zusätzliche Lizenzen zu erwerben. Die Verbindung von NMEA 0183 / 2000 Daten*, Werte Ihre Victron-, Philippi- oder Mastervoltgeräte* sowie IP-Kameras werden jetzt möglich. Für alle relevanten Daten ist eine Fernüberwachung und auch eine Benachrichtigung bei Ereignis verfügbar.
    There is also a screen with more elements available, which also integrates the connected devices.
    VisuShip PRO is expandable to VisuShip - Custom at any time!

    * possibly external devices for the conversion of the data necessary

    Erweiterung zur VisuShip PRO

    The expansion of the VisuShip Basic to VisuShip PRO is done by acquiring additional device licenses. Each VisuShip Basic package already contains 2 licenses. (e.g., temperature sensors + controller for inputs and outputs)

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    VisuShip Basic

    Eine, mit Widgets frei belegbare Ansichtsseite.

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    VisuShip PRO

    Bietet die Möglichkeit mehrere Ansichtsseiten zu gestallten.

    VisuShip Cusom

    VisuShip Customis customized to the customer's requirements. Bases for this system are also our VisuShip controller and the IO-Box. All relevant on-board systems can be integrated for monitoring and display. Just ask us for a personal consultation. Tell us your wishes and we will make you an individual offer!


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    VS - Cloudservice

    In addition to all our VS-packages, you can book our VS-cloudservice, which you can book annually!

    VS-Cloud - S

    VisuShip - Cloudservice S is free of charge for the user in VisuShip-Basic. In this version you will receive a daily status report by e-mail. Your built-in VisuShip controller sends this report regularly at the time you set. You will also be notified when something unpredictable occurs on the networked inputs and outputs.

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    VS-Cloud - M

    VisuShip Cloud-M includes, as in the VS-Cloud-S version, a daily status report by e-mail at the programmed time as well as a notification, something unexpected should occur on the networked inputs and outputs on board. An additional highlight of this service is remote monitoring. It is possible to log in via your personal access on your smartphone, tablet or PC and view and rate all networked data. The data is updated in real time. Also, you can set up guest accesses. Thus, it is possible for your partner or your service technician to be able to view the data of your ship and respond in case of a problems. Only your connected cameras will be displayed in a freezing image.

    VS-Cloud - L

    VisuShip - Cloudservice L includes the same functions as VS-Cloud M, but you can see your cameras on board in Livestream.

    Our Offers

    VS-Cloudservice S

    0 .00 Euro

    • daily status report
    •  message on events

    VS-Cloudservice M

    99.99 Euro anually

    incl. 19% VAT 
    • Live access via personal online access
    • freezing camera images with interval function
    • daily statusreport
    • message on events

    VS-Cloudservice L

    149 .99 Euro anually

    incl. 19% VAT
    • Live access via personal online access
    • LIVESTREAM Cameras
    • daily statusreport
    • message on events

      By the way !! With us you can also monitor your holiday home or your mobile home (caravan) and remote control! Ask Us!!  

    You can purchase and install VisuShip from these merchants.


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    Merk & Merk

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